Nordic leader in green energy gases

We are the Nordic region's leading supplier of filling stations, service and infrastructure for liquid and compressed energy gases. We have over 20 years of experience in designing and building both mother, bus and daughter stations for climate-friendly biogas as well as transportation systems and services.

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Sustainable fuels

Experts on gas filling stations

We design, produce, build and service gas filling stations for compressed and liquid biogas anywhere in Northern Europe. We have extensive experience in both mother, bus and daughter stations as well as transportation systems and services. Depending on whether there is a fixed gas pipeline or not, the gas filling stations are built in different ways, but always with the same quality and safety.

Sustainable transport systems

Experience the benefits of mobile gas storage

We have developed a transportation system that supplies daughter stations, decompression and injection points with green energy gases such as biogas and hydrogen. The system is based on the standardized swap body system already used in many transport applications, which means that docking is very fast and smooth.

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Sustainable future

With green energy gases for sustainable development

We are the Nordic region's leading supplier of filling stations, service and infrastructure for liquid and compressed green energy gases. With this, we want to contribute to sustainable development by making transportation fossil-free and helping industry to switch to climate-friendly energy choices.

We already do today and in the near future will certainly have more hydrogen applications such as filling stations, mobile gas storage and more. While we look forward to a future where we can produce green hydrogen in an energy-efficient way, we already have a fossil-free and climate-positive alternative with biogas that constitutes a circular economy.

LCBG filling station Gasum Luleå
Sustainable fuels

Filling stations for liquid and compressed biogas

Processkontroll Green Technology is proud to have built and delivered many filling stations for liquid and compressed biogas. Our solutions enable fossil-free transportation and contribute to a greener future.

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ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 recertification

June 2024
We are proud to announce that Processkontroll Green Technology has once again been certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015. Our management system covers the development, manufacture, supply and service of complete methane filling stations and gas transportation systems.

New CBG filling station inaugurated in Smålandsstenar by Småländska Bränslen

May 2024
What a fantastic week it has been! As a leading player in the Nordic region in building biogas filling stations, we have the pleasure of participating in many inaugurations. On Tuesday, our CEO Bo Axelsson attended the opening of the new CBG filling station in Smålandsstenar, which we have built for our customer Småländska Bränslen [....]

New Gasum LCBG filling station opened in Södertälje next to Scania

May 2024
Our latest delivery of an LCBG filling station for liquid and compressed biogas to Södertälje was inaugurated with pomp and circumstance by Gasum and Scania, which thus receives a further strengthening of the tank infrastructure for fossil-free vehicle gas.

Efficient and fossil-free de-icing of trains: Innovative project with Flogas and Train Alliance

April 2024
Through our collaboration with Flogas Sverige AB, we have delivered a decompression plant and a mobile biogas truck to Train Alliance, enabling efficient and fossil-free de-icing of trains in Hallsberg.

New CBG filling station in Verdal strengthens sustainable transport infrastructure

March 2024
We have recently commissioned a new CBG filling station for Gasnor AS in Verdal, Tröndelag, enabling efficient transportation of biogas directly from nearby production. This project is a clear example of our contribution to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly transportation sector.

Gasum LCBG station for liquid and compressed biogas

February 2024
Fossil-free heavy transport has made great progress with Scania and Volvo trucks running on liquid biogas. Processkontroll Green Technology is contributing to the expansion of refueling infrastructure in the Nordic region. We recently inaugurated an LCBG station in Kristiansand and are now finalizing one in Vänersborg.

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