Leading in the Nordics in Green Energy Gases

We are the Nordic region’s leading supplier of filling stations, services and infrastructure for liquefied and compressed energy gases. We have over 20 years of experience in designing and building both mother, bus and daughter stations for climate-friendly biogas as well as transport systems and services.

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Biogasbuss biomethanebus bus depot busstankning fordonsgas

Experts on
gas filling stations

We design, produce, build and service gas filling stations for natural gas and biogas anywhere in Northern Europe. We have extensive experience of both mother, bus and daughter stations as well as transport systems and service. Depending on whether there is a fixed gas pipeline or not, the gas filling stations are built in different ways, but always with the same quality and safety.

Our products

Mobile gas storages for biomethane and hydrogen – from production to user 

We have developed a transport system that supplies the subsidiary stations with gas. The system is based on the standardized demountable system that is already used in many different transports, which means that the docking is very fast and smooth.

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Mobilt gasflak gaslager biogas vätgas  mobile pipeline
Globala målen för en hållbar utveckling

Green energy gases for a sustainable development

We are the Nordic region’s leading supplier of filling stations, services and infrastructure for liquefied and compressed green energy gases. With this, we want to contribute to a sustainable development by making transport fossil-free and helping the industry to switch to climate-friendly energy choices.

We already today have provided hydrogen applications – and in the near future will certainly get more hydrogen applications such as gas stations, mobile gas storages, etc. At the same time as we are looking forward to a future, in which we’ll produce green hydrogen in an energy-efficient way, we already have a fossil-free and climate-positive alternative with biogas that constitutes a circular economy.

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Filling stations for liquid and compressed biomethane  

Processkontroll Green Technology is proud to have built and delivered many refueling stations for liquefied and compressed biogas. Our solutions enable fossil-free transportation and contribute to a greener future.

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LCBG tankstation Gasum Luleå

Latest news

Fler nyheter

An Eventful 2023

December 2023
Processkontroll Green Technology concludes a successful year marked by development and innovation. Despite challenges like the elimination of tax exemption for biomethane, we have delivered many fueling stations and launched a new compressor, achieved milestones with mobile gas storages, and supported the industry in transitioning to fossil-free alternatives.

Bo Axelsson New CEO

January 2024
We are delighted to welcome Bo Axelsson as our new CEO starting January 1st. Bo brings extensive experience in leading organizations, most recently as CEO of Swede Ship.

New Decompression Module for Biokraft Södertörn

November 2023
Processkontroll Green Technology has recently completed the installation and commissioning of a decompression unit for Biokraft, located in Södertörn.

New CBG Filling Station Delivered to Lyse, Norway

March 2023
At Processkontroll Green Technology, we are proud to have delivered a new CBG filling station to the Norwegian company Lyse in the Stavanger region.

Gasum refueling station for liquid and compressed biomethane in Luleå

March 2023
Yesterday, Gasum’s new refueling station for liquefied and compressed biogas was inaugurated in Luleå municipality. We are grateful for the continued trust in allowing us to deliver this LCBG station to Gasum, following the sibling station in Ålesund earlier this winter.

Completed 5-year warranty inspection at Fredriksdal bus depot

January 2023
We continually conclude projects with approved warranty inspections, but we wanted to highlight this one in particular: the Fredriksdal bus depot in Hammarby Sjöstad turned out to be an exceptionally fantastic project with extreme demands for rapid refueling of biogas buses.