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We design, install and build completely turnkey facilities

Processkontroll has been doing gas installations and service in the petrochemical industry for almost 40 years. We are trained and active in the Swedish process industry, both nuclear power and petrochemicals, where accessibility and reliability are paramount. We have this with us when we build our gas filling stations.

Since 1998, we have designed, built, delivered and commissioned filling stations for natural methane gas and biogas in various designs. Depending on whether there is a gas pipeline or not, the filling stations are built in different ways, but always with the same quality and safety. We design, install and build completely turnkey facilities, including ground works. We can easily adapt our standard solutions to your specific conditions and if you want, we handle all contacts with relevant authorities for permits, building permits etc. Our filling stations with well-proven technology, provide reliable facilities with low operating and maintenance costs.

Business idea

Processkontroll GT develops, designs, erects, puts into service and services vehicle gas filling stations, infrastructure for green energy gases and transport systems for gas in Northern Europe.

Our business concept is that high-quality projects are carried out efficiently. Delivered products and customized solutions have high availability and low life cycle costs. This is linked to a fast and responsive service when problems arise. The result is that our customers can engage in their own main business, producing, storing and distributing gases.

To create Processkontroll GT’s offering, we investheavily in personnel, processes, systems and equipment. Partners and components are selected based upon proven track record.

Processkontroll GT’s vision is to be our customers ‘and suppliers’ best partner, in order to be able to develop as the conditions of politics, climate and technology change.

Our history

1970 Processkontroll AB is established, the company is focused on instrument assembly, service and maintenance and valve service to the process industry. Customers then were the Petrochemical, Nuclear Power, Paper and pulp industries and our services consisted mainly of staffing with Instrument Technicians and Instrument Fitters.

In 1986, Processkontroll Fastigheter KB was formed, since we now have our own premises with offices and workshops, this company handles the administration.

In 1998, we make our first company acquisition when we buy Corona Control AB, which is a representative of Control Valves Masoneilan.

In 2001, Items AB was spun off from Processkontroll AB, and took over the agency for Parker Hannefin’s products.

In 2001, Processkontroll Elektriska was formed, the company has a clear focus on heavier industrial electrical installation with customers similar to Processkontroll AB.

In 2004, Processkontroll AB changed its name to Processkontroll P.I.D AB. This company will now focus on strategy and management.

At the same time, all operations were moved to a new Processkontroll AB. The business is undergoing major changes as the departments of instrument installation, technical service, valve repair and construction are implementing new strategies.

In 2004 a new need arises and Processkontroll Mekaniska AB is started. The company mainly profiles itself on CNC machining with a clear focus on stainless steel.

In 2007, Conductor A / S was established in Sarpsborg, Norway and the business focuses on electrical and instrument installation in the chemical, paper and pulp industry as well as infrastructure.

In 2009, Corona Control AB was sold to Indutrade after a very favorable development of the company and a cooperation agreement was signed between Corona Control AB and Processkontroll AB.

In 2010, Processkontroll AB changed its name again, now to Processkontroll Administration AB. The new company will serve other companies in the group with services in administration, telecommunications and IT support.

A new Processkontroll AB is formed and all operations except the gas filling station division are transferred. The gas filling station operations are broken out and a new company is started which is named Processkontroll GT AB. In Sweden, the business is also marketed under the brand Tankstationsbyggarna.

In 2012, Vinci Energies acquires Processkontroll AB and Processkontroll Elektriska AB. The companies join the Vinci Group and are operated on the basis of the new ownership. The collaboration between the two companies and other Processkontroll companies continues to develop.


Processkontroll AB has always been the engine of our business and from this company all costs have been taken to develop other businesses. This support has continued until the new businesses have been mature enough to stand on their own two feet. The Processkontroll companies have a very strong position in the Swedish market and also operate independently in the Nordic market. When it comes to the rest of the world, our strategy has always been to carry out assignments together with the Swedish export industry, such as Götaverken, Generator, Kockums, EKA Chemicals, ABB, Alstom, Emtunga, Siemens and Ericsson and more. Missions have been performed on virtually all continents on our planet.

With the support of all this, we can rightly say that the Processkontroll Group is one of the most complete instrument companies in control and regulation technology on the market today. Despite different ownership relationships, we still work as a cohesive group with the help of our cooperation agreements. This is to the great advantage of our customers.

Dag Köhlqvist
Chairman of the Board and founder

Latest news

Fler nyheter

New Bio-LNG refueling station in Norrköping with a climate-smart solution for the boil-off

October 2022
We have built a new pressure regulation facility for Örebro municipality where liquid biogas can be vaporized as back-up and distributed via the local gas network.

LBG evaporation as pressure regulation in Örebro’s gas network

October 2022
We have built a new pressure regulation facility for Örebro municipality where liquid biogas can be vaporized as back-up and distributed via the local gas network.

A “Usain Bolt decompression facility” that stands in the starting block all year round

June 2022
Before the summer, we commissioned a new decompression plant for Gasum in Nynäshamn as a back-up solution that can start at a second’s notice with a flow of 4000 kg/h.

New delivery of high pressure CNG station

May 2022
During May, we were able to commission a new compressor station in southern Sweden. This station will have the ability to compress vehicle gas to a pressure of 600 bar and will be used for long-term tests in engine development.

Modernization and expansion of RNG refueling points Sobacken, Borås

March 2022
During last week, we were able to complete the first stage of Borås Energi & Miljö’s upgrade of the over night refueling with biomethane of the municipality’s garbage trucks.

Start-up of new biogas filling station in Hämeenlinna, Finland

February 2022
Last week we were able to start up our new biogas filling station in Hämeenlinna in a beautiful winter landscape…