Why green energy gases

Biogas provides climate benefits right here and right now


With green energy gases for a sustainable development

At Processkontroll Green Technology we are the Nordic region’s leading supplier of filling stations, services and infrastructure for liquid and compressed green energy gases. Our contribution to a sustainable development is making transport fossil-free and helping the industry to switch to climate-friendly energy choices.

We already today have provided hydrogen applications – and in the near future will certainly get more hydrogen applications such as gas stations, mobile gas storages, etc. At the same time as we are looking forward to a future, in which we’ll produce green hydrogen in an energy-efficient way, we already have a fossil-free and climate-positive alternative with biogas that constitutes a circular economy.

Biogas provides great climate benefits and cleaner air

Biogas is renewable and does not lead to any net emissions of CO2 during combustion. Average biogas as a fuel is from a life cycle perspective almost climate neutral and can even give negative emissions. (Read more @ Energigas).

The use of biogas as a fuel also contributes to significantly improved air quality in cities. Biogas-powered vehicles reduce both nitrogen oxides (NOX) and harmful particles and thus contribute to a reduced impact on health and the environment. Emissions of sulfur oxides (SOX), which lead to acidification of soil and water, are also almost zero from biogas and natural gas.

Kör bil med matavfall
A biogas car can drive about 4 km on an average bag of food waste.
Biogas och biogödsel bidrar till kretslopp
Production and use of biogas and biofertilizer contribute to closing the cycle between city and country, which is the basis of a circular economy. (Source Energigas.se)

Biogas provides a double climate benefit with biofertilizer

In addition to replacing fossil fuels with biogas, the biofertilizer produced also reduces greenhouse gas emissions. When the digestate is used as biofertilizer and replaces mineral fertilizer, more carbon is bound into the soil and also emissions from the energy-intensive mineral fertilizer production are avoided.

When manure is used to produce biogas instead of being spread directly on the fields, the emissions of methane and nitrous oxide that are otherwise emitted are reduced when unrooted manure is stored and spread in the fields. It greatly reduces the climate impact and at the same time produces biogas that can replace fossil fuels. Producing biogas from manure thus gives a double climate benefit.

Circular economy when the biogas ends the cycle

Biogas is more than a fuel – it is a system for circular economy. Through the production and use of biogas, society’s resources are utilized in an efficient manner.

Waste from sewage, food scraps and manure as well as residual products from forests and industry are taken care of and at the same time become valuable products – renewable energy and fertilizers.

Globala målen för en hållbar utveckling
FN:s 17 globala mål för hållbar utveckling

Biogas contributes to many global sustainability goals both locally and globally

Biogas has a very high climate performance and helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions when it replaces fossil fuels. It is just one of the many environmental and societal benefits that biogas contributes. Biogas contributes positively to all of the UN’s 17 goals for sustainable development directly or indirectly.

At the national level, the production and use of biogas 8 affects environmental goals.

Latest news

Fler nyheter

New Bio-LNG refueling station in Norrköping with a climate-smart solution for the boil-off

October 2022
We have built a new pressure regulation facility for Örebro municipality where liquid biogas can be vaporized as back-up and distributed via the local gas network.

LBG evaporation as pressure regulation in Örebro’s gas network

October 2022
We have built a new pressure regulation facility for Örebro municipality where liquid biogas can be vaporized as back-up and distributed via the local gas network.

A “Usain Bolt decompression facility” that stands in the starting block all year round

June 2022
Before the summer, we commissioned a new decompression plant for Gasum in Nynäshamn as a back-up solution that can start at a second’s notice with a flow of 4000 kg/h.

New delivery of high pressure CNG station

May 2022
During May, we were able to commission a new compressor station in southern Sweden. This station will have the ability to compress vehicle gas to a pressure of 600 bar and will be used for long-term tests in engine development.

Modernization and expansion of RNG refueling points Sobacken, Borås

March 2022
During last week, we were able to complete the first stage of Borås Energi & Miljö’s upgrade of the over night refueling with biomethane of the municipality’s garbage trucks.

Start-up of new biogas filling station in Hämeenlinna, Finland

February 2022
Last week we were able to start up our new biogas filling station in Hämeenlinna in a beautiful winter landscape…