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Experts in biomethane filling stations for LBG & CBG

Welcome to Processkontroll Green Technology, the leading provider of refueling stations, service, and infrastructure for energy gases in liquid and compressed form in the Nordic region. With over 20 years of experience, we have designed, built, and delivered more than 200 CBG refueling stations and several LBG/LNG refueling stations for compressed and liquefied biogas throughout the Nordic countries.

Customized biomethane filling stations for all needs

Whether there is access to a gas pipeline or not, we build our biomethane refueling stations with the highest quality and safety. We offer turnkey solutions, including groundwork, and can customize our standard solutions to meet your specific needs. We also assist with contacts with relevant authorities for permits and building permits.

Mobile gas storages for biogas and hydrogen increase flexibility

For CBG installations without access to gas pipelines, we offer certified mobile gas storage units, also known as mobile pipelines, that the customer can fill at a biogas production facility or pipeline to supply the refueling stations with biomethane.

Reliable and cost-effective Bio-LNG and RNG filling stations

Our CBG/CNG and LBG/LNG refueling stations are equipped with advanced technology, ensuring reliable facilities with low operational and maintenance costs.

View our 200+ gas refueling stations for liquefied and compressed biogas

Visit our reference map of all our previously installed gas refueling stations for liquefied and compressed biogas in the Nordic region and read more about our latest installations under News.

Fill mobile biogas storages at a mother station

Mother stations, which are placed near a biogas plant, have an uninterrupted supply of gas and offer an efficient solution for handling and distributing biomethane. They can be used for direct refueling of vehicles as well as for filling mobile pipelines with CBG, which are then transported to subsidiary stations.

Subsidiary stations are refueling stations that are not directly connected to a gas pipeline and can be placed anywhere. Instead, the subsidiary station is supplied with biogas from one or more mobile gas storage units. These mobile gas storage units are filled with biogas at a mother station and then transported to the subsidiary station.

Pipeline-connected stations are a practical and efficient option for areas where gas distribution infrastructure already exists. By taking advantage of the existing gas network, these refueling stations can provide a stable and reliable supply of biogas, contributing to strengthening the region’s sustainable energy solutions.

A biogas filling station for bus depots is a refueling station specifically designed to meet the needs of bus transportation. There are two different types of refueling stations for buses: fast-fill, where buses need to be refueled during their route, and slow-fill, where the bus is refueled at a bus ramp overnight.

Our mobile high-pressure gas storage units, equipped with steel or composite cylinders, offer a flexible and convenient solution for supplying subsidiary stations and industries with biogas. By filling the gas containers at a mother station and then distributing them to the users, biogas can be efficiently delivered to locations without access to a gas network.

With an LBG refueling station, we can provide fueling of liquefied biogas (LBG) for heavy-duty transport. To further enhance the efficiency and possibilities of our Bio-LNG refueling station, it can be upgraded to an LCBG station where the liquefied biogas is converted back to gaseous form, in order to also offer compressed biomethane (CBG/RNG).

In our modern production facilities in Stora Höga, we take care of design, construction, program-ming, and production of all our Bio-CNG filling stations and mobile gas storage units. We focus on offering high-quality and sustainable solutions that are tailored to meet our customers’ needs and expectations.

Our experienced engineers work with top-quality control systems when designing our automation solutions. By using the best in technology and materials, we ensure that our facilities maintain high quality and offer reliability in their functions, supporting the transition to sustainable and renewable energy solutions.

With a decompression unit, industries can be supplied with fossil-free biogas, where the gas is delivered at a constant low pipeline pressure. The unit works by regulating and heating the incoming gas, for example, from gas trailers with a pressure of 250 bar. This allows the customer to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels.

A climate-smart choice with green energy gases – Biogas and Hydrogen

Gas refueling stations for liquefied and compressed biogas. Choosing biogas as an energy source is a climate-smart choice, as it helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Biogas, which mainly consists of methane, is produced by breaking down organic material, such as plant and animal residues, in oxygen-free environments. The biogas can then be used as fuel in the transport sector, helping to reduce the use of fossil fuels and, therefore, carbon dioxide emissions.

Processkontroll Green Technology has primarily worked with biomethane, a cleaner form of biogas that has been upgraded to more closely resemble the quality of natural gas. Biomethane has several advantages, including lower emissions, efficient energy production, and a renewable source. However, we are also aware of the importance of constantly evolving and offering our customers more options to achieve their climate goals.

That is why we have expanded our range of solutions and now also offer the same high-quality portfolio for hydrogen. When hydrogen is used as a fuel, it generates only water vapor as a byproduct, making it a clean and sustainable energy source.

By offering both biomethane and hydrogen solutions, Processkontroll Green Technology aims to help our customers make conscious choices to reduce their environmental impact and contribute to a more sustainable future.


Latest news

Fler nyheter

An Eventful 2023

December 2023
Processkontroll Green Technology concludes a successful year marked by development and innovation. Despite challenges like the elimination of tax exemption for biomethane, we have delivered many fueling stations and launched a new compressor, achieved milestones with mobile gas storages, and supported the industry in transitioning to fossil-free alternatives.

Bo Axelsson New CEO

January 2024
We are delighted to welcome Bo Axelsson as our new CEO starting January 1st. Bo brings extensive experience in leading organizations, most recently as CEO of Swede Ship.

New Decompression Module for Biokraft Södertörn

November 2023
Processkontroll Green Technology has recently completed the installation and commissioning of a decompression unit for Biokraft, located in Södertörn.

New CBG Filling Station Delivered to Lyse, Norway

March 2023
At Processkontroll Green Technology, we are proud to have delivered a new CBG filling station to the Norwegian company Lyse in the Stavanger region.

Gasum refueling station for liquid and compressed biomethane in Luleå

March 2023
Yesterday, Gasum’s new refueling station for liquefied and compressed biogas was inaugurated in Luleå municipality. We are grateful for the continued trust in allowing us to deliver this LCBG station to Gasum, following the sibling station in Ålesund earlier this winter.

Completed 5-year warranty inspection at Fredriksdal bus depot

January 2023
We continually conclude projects with approved warranty inspections, but we wanted to highlight this one in particular: the Fredriksdal bus depot in Hammarby Sjöstad turned out to be an exceptionally fantastic project with extreme demands for rapid refueling of biogas buses.