Tankstation flytande biogas LBG, Bio-Lng Norrköping. Svensk Biogas, Alfreddsons Transport.


New Bio-LNG refueling station in Norrköping with a climate-smart solution for the boil-off

November 2022

Now it’s really full speed ahead… last week we commissioned the new LBG backup for Örebro municipality and already this week we are commissioning a new LBG filling station for Svensk Biogas in Norrköping Ingelsta. This will be the third filling station for liquid biogas (also known as Bio-LNG or LBG) that we build for Svensk Biogas after the stations in Mjölby and Mörtlösa and is located at Alfredsson Transport AB, which has long been at the forefront of climate-friendly transport. With the new filling station outside the door, Alfredssons can now refuel its fossil-free LBG trucks at home as well.

Liquid biogas is stored at -160 degrees in a cryogenic vacuum-insulated tank that can be compared to a giant thermos. It keeps the heat out brilliantly, but sooner or later some of the gas will still heat up and change from liquid to gaseous form (“boiling off”) where the gas expands by a factor of 600. Then the pressure in the cryogenic tank is gradually raised and in order to avoid the safety valve being activated, we can either cool down the biogas with liquid nitrogen gas (-190 degrees) or use the boil-off.
“When there is a need for compressed vehicle gas, we like to use the decoction to offer CBG refueling to avoid using nitrogen for cooling. However, since there was no need for CBG, together with the customer we came up with a climate-smart solution where we use the decoction to heat their properties and can thus greatly reduce nitrogen use as well as heating costs.” says Torbjörn Karlsson, Technical Manager at Processkontroll Green Technology.

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New CBG Filling Station Delivered to Lyse, Norway

March 2023
At Processkontroll Green Technology, we are proud to have delivered a new CBG filling station to the Norwegian company Lyse in the Stavanger region.

Gasum refueling station for liquid and compressed biomethane in Luleå

March 2023
Yesterday, Gasum’s new refueling station for liquefied and compressed biogas was inaugurated in Luleå municipality. We are grateful for the continued trust in allowing us to deliver this LCBG station to Gasum, following the sibling station in Ålesund earlier this winter.

Completed 5-year warranty inspection at Fredriksdal bus depot

January 2023
We continually conclude projects with approved warranty inspections, but we wanted to highlight this one in particular: the Fredriksdal bus depot in Hammarby Sjöstad turned out to be an exceptionally fantastic project with extreme demands for rapid refueling of biogas buses.

Biogas decompression unit reduces the pressure to fry meatballs fossil-free

March 2023
Our mobile gas storages are filled with biomethane, and the biogas decompression unit reduces the pressure for use in various applications. We have recently commissioned a smaller decompression unit that will be used to fry meatballs with fossil-free biogas!

New LCBG station in Ålesund, Norway

January 2023
We are proud to have delivered another refueling station for liquefied and compressed biogas to Gasum in Ålesund, Norway. This station will contribute to fossil-free transportation with biomethane that can be refueled both as liquefied BioLNG and as compressed CBG.

New Bio-LNG refueling station in Norrköping with a climate-smart solution for the boil-off

October 2022
We have built a new pressure regulation facility for Örebro municipality where liquid biogas can be vaporized as back-up and distributed via the local gas network.