LBG filling station

Get maximum energy with liquid biogas


Refuel heavy truck traffic with liquid biogas

With LBG (Liquefied BioGas) we achieve the same climate improvements as with compressed biogas (CBG). The advantage is that the biogas in liquid form at ~ -160 degrees Celsius has a much higher energy density and thus larger amounts of energy can be refueled in trucks that can reach up to 160 miles on one tank.

The liquid biogas is stored in a large cryogenic tank that can almost be compared to an perfect thermos where a vacuum between tank layers insulates the cooled methane gas with minimal heating as a result. The small heating that nevertheless takes place can be actively cooled down with even colder liquid nitrogen gas. Or even better, the evaporation to gaseous form can be used directly to enable refueling of compressed vehicle gas.

Refueling of LBG takes place via a dispenser that can deliver the liquid biogas according to the respective truck manufacturer’s technology choice. In addition to the direct LBG refueling, the station can also advantageously serve as a CBG back-up or via a decompression unit supply a nearby industry with biogas.

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Start-up of new biogas filling station in Hämeenlinna, Finland

February 2022
Last week we were able to start up our new biogas filling station in Hämeenlinna in a beautiful winter landscape…

Inauguration of new biogas filling station in Flen

Januari 2021
We delivered the first biogas filling station to Flen enabling the municipality to purchase climate-friendly biogas vehicles. The subsidiary station is fed with locally produced biogas by two of our mobile gas storages.

Start-up of new decompression unit for Veas

December 2021
We commissioned a new decompression unit for Veas in Slemmestad, Norway. Veas (Vestfjorden Avløpsselskap) runs Norway’s largest treatment plant that produces biogas, which since 2020 has also been transformed into liquefied biogas LBG.

New Småländska Bränslen biogas filling station in Tranås

December 2021
Recently, our customer Småländska Bränslen inaugurated their new biogas filling station in Tranås.
“We are proud and grateful to once again have earned the confidence to deliver this vehicle gas filling station to…”

Start-up of new LCBG station in Fredriksstad

November 2021
Last week, it was finally time to start up our newly built LCBG facility for Fredrikstad municipality, which will supply the municipality’s laundry with biogas, offer a refueling ramp for about 30 garbage trucks and a public dispenser for vehicle gas.

Second LBG dispenser to Mörtlösa

October 2021
We are grateful to have once again been entrusted by Svensk Biogas to, after our original delivery of the LBG and CBG station in Mörtlösa, also be able to deliver a second LBG dispenser to meet the sharply increasing demand for liquid biogas for heavy transports.