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Security and availability

Regular inspection means that quality is maintained and any malfunctions are prevented. Experience shows that regular maintenance of moving parts, electrical components, materials, seals and mechanical parts increases durability and service life. We offer a high availability with controlled operating costs.

We are always ready!

All our customers get quick help by phone if you experience disturbances or problems with your petrol station. Our emergency service and fault reporting with constant readiness guarantees you fast and professional help by phone – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our serviceteam

We have a specially developed service concept and a well-composed service team consisting of experienced service technicians. We go out and visit your facilities when needed and also repair damaged parts in one of our workshops. Together, we have full competence to solve any problems that may arise in a gas filling station. In addition, we have an extensive spare parts warehouse and a fully equipped compressor workshop.

Unique service vehicles

We have developed our service cars to be able to quickly, smoothly and safely carry out repairs and replacements of heavy parts. The cars are supplemented with our crane trailer to be able to lift and load a compressor or electric motor when changing. This means that the lead times are significantly shortened because coordination with a truck or separate truck is completely avoided.


When repairing the compressor’s oil cylinder, replacing seals, we always pressure test the oil cylinder in our own test workshop before final assembly. A service that we are probably the only ones in Sweden to offer. All repaired and tested cylinders are always delivered with filtered oil and filled oil level.

Own development department

We work intensively to constantly develop components in gas filling station technology and invest heavily in the development and improvement of existing gas technology. This is done, among other things, by building and starting our own test facility on site at our facility in Stora Höga. The test facility was completed in 2012 and is part of our efforts to streamline and improve gas refueling facilities in areas such as the environment, noise and electricity consumption.

Sign a service agreement

To get urgent access to our technicians, you need to sign our service agreement. Then our 24/7 service will be expanded with the Emergency Personnel Support section, which means that our technicians can come to you at short notice to remedy faults on site. Emergency personnel support – our service personnel are sent out with a short set-up time and help you solve the problem on site. Our well-trained staff is available around the clock in the field.

We offer emergency service around the clock – all year round!

A service agreement with Processkontroll GT means that the plant’s functions are ensured and operation is safe and reliable, and that all regulations are complied with. Processkontroll GT is a leading supplier of gas filling stations and offers a nationwide service agreement for all its filling stations.

Service agreement tailored to your needs

A service agreement with Processkontroll GT is adapted to the needs for maintenance that you face in your organization. The agreement is divided into three parts, all of which can be adapted to your unique needs and wishes.
Part 1 Preventive maintenance
Part 2 Remedial maintenance
Part 3 24/7 Jour

Latest news

Fler nyheter

New Bio-LNG refueling station in Norrköping with a climate-smart solution for the boil-off

October 2022
We have built a new pressure regulation facility for Örebro municipality where liquid biogas can be vaporized as back-up and distributed via the local gas network.

LBG evaporation as pressure regulation in Örebro’s gas network

October 2022
We have built a new pressure regulation facility for Örebro municipality where liquid biogas can be vaporized as back-up and distributed via the local gas network.

A “Usain Bolt decompression facility” that stands in the starting block all year round

June 2022
Before the summer, we commissioned a new decompression plant for Gasum in Nynäshamn as a back-up solution that can start at a second’s notice with a flow of 4000 kg/h.

New delivery of high pressure CNG station

May 2022
During May, we were able to commission a new compressor station in southern Sweden. This station will have the ability to compress vehicle gas to a pressure of 600 bar and will be used for long-term tests in engine development.

Modernization and expansion of RNG refueling points Sobacken, Borås

March 2022
During last week, we were able to complete the first stage of Borås Energi & Miljö’s upgrade of the over night refueling with biomethane of the municipality’s garbage trucks.

Start-up of new biogas filling station in Hämeenlinna, Finland

February 2022
Last week we were able to start up our new biogas filling station in Hämeenlinna in a beautiful winter landscape…