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Start-up of new LCBG station in Fredriksstad

November 2021

Last week, it was finally time to start up our newly built LCBG facility for Fredrikstad municipality, which will supply the municipality’s laundry with biogas, offer a refueling ramp for about 30 garbage trucks and a public dispenser for vehicle gas.

Although all consumers at this plant use biogas in gaseous form, this station is not fed with mobile gas storage with compressed biogas but with the help of liquefied gas at minus 160 degrees which is then evaporated to the correct pressure as needed in the plant.

Before we can fill the cryogenic tank with liquid biogas (methane gas), we cool down the entire system with liquid nitrogen gas for control and to avoid releasing methane gas. Afterwards, it was time to empty the now cooled tank of the harmless nitrogen gas before filling with ice-cold biogas; something that made our automation engineer Jonas Thebrin Larsson long for wonderful cold ski days in the mountains when the fog suddenly hits…
Watch a movie when the station disappears into a fog cloud on our linkedin-account.

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LBG evaporation as pressure regulation in Örebro’s gas network

October 2022
We have built a new pressure regulation facility for Örebro municipality where liquid biogas can be vaporized as back-up and distributed via the local gas network.

A “Usain Bolt decompression facility” that stands in the starting block all year round

June 2022
Before the summer, we commissioned a new decompression plant for Gasum in Nynäshamn as a back-up solution that can start at a second’s notice with a flow of 4000 kg/h.

New delivery of high pressure CNG station

May 2022
During May, we were able to commission a new compressor station in southern Sweden. This station will have the ability to compress vehicle gas to a pressure of 600 bar and will be used for long-term tests in engine development.

Modernization and expansion of RNG refueling points Sobacken, Borås

March 2022
During last week, we were able to complete the first stage of Borås Energi & Miljö’s upgrade of the over night refueling with biomethane of the municipality’s garbage trucks.

Start-up of new biogas filling station in Hämeenlinna, Finland

February 2022
Last week we were able to start up our new biogas filling station in Hämeenlinna in a beautiful winter landscape…

Inauguration of new biogas filling station in Flen

Januari 2021
We delivered the first biogas filling station to Flen enabling the municipality to purchase climate-friendly biogas vehicles. The subsidiary station is fed with locally produced biogas by two of our mobile gas storages.